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Get a Fix on This Exciting Franchise Opportunity

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We offer a business opportunity like no other! Own a franchise that prides itself on providing high
value and quality services to your community. Here’s how:

A Look at Our Numbers


Franchise Fee


Minimum Initial Investment


Royalty Fee

250,000 – 500,000

Exclusive Territory with Population of 250,000-500,000

Our Franchise Process

1. Fill in the Blanks

Let us know you are interested in our business opportunity by filling out our franchisee form! Our team will be in touch shortly.

2. Check out this Opportunity

Have a conversation with our franchise team. We’ll share details about this exciting opportunity and answer questions you may have.

3. Take a Deeper Look

We’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. Take some time to fully understand all the details of this exciting business opportunity.

Visit one of our locations and see first-hand what goes on behind the scenes at Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair.

4. Secure Financing

When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll help you work through your financing options. Common methods are financing through a bank, SBA, or private loan. Other funding options include a 401K or a Home Equity Line Of Credit..

5. Seize the w(HOLE) Opportunity

Make it official by signing our Franchise Agreement (FA). Congratulations, and welcome to our dependable Hole in the Wall family!

6. Get Your Hands Dirty (Phase I and II)

Phase I: Learn everything you need to make your business a success with our training program. Work with us to learn sales, software, estimating, and jobsite tasks to fill all the holes in your knowledge.

Phase II: Get on-site training at your location with one of our training professionals. After you have completed all of your training, you will be ready to start and grow your own successful business!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to open a Franchise?

You will need a minimum of $70,000. The initial franchise fee is $35,000. We recommend an additional $35,000 for the necessary startup costs. These costs include vehicles, equipment, tools, marketing, your salary, insurance, office equipment, etc.

Do I get an exclusive franchise territory?

Yes! When you sign on to be a Hole in the Wall franchisee, you will be given an exclusive franchise territory with a population of 250,000-500,000. These details are outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

What training will I receive?

We offer a dual-phase training program that provides franchisees with everything they need to find success in their business. During the initial phase, you will spend one to two weeks at the Franchisor’s Orlando location, where you will learn skills such as estimating, sales, and software implementation. The second phase of training is done at your location, as we are here to ensure a smooth commencement of your own operations.

Will Hole in the Wall help me manage my location?

As a Franchisee, you will run your own business. You are in charge. However, we are committed to your success, and will work with you to address concerns, advise, provide support, and develop methods to run and grow your business successfully.

Do I need experience?

Hole in the Wall franchisees are not required to have previous experience in the trades or home services. Our business model can be taught to any motivated, business-minded individual.