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The Importance of Creating a Professional Approach

What if the way that you went about your work could be improved?  What if it was better organized by a systematic way of doing things. A way that would save time and increase productivity and profits by eliminating wasted time and effort while providing a superior experience for your customer. What if you had a Professional Approach?

A Professional Approach in the trade service industry involves multiple elements, the way you dress, the way you speak, your preparation for the job, your communication, your punctuality, and an overall positive attitude. It shows a determination to deliver the highest quality work product possible.

Having a Professional Approach equips you with practical ways to organize yourself, your time, and your workflow.  It reduces stress for you and your customer and increases the chances of providing a quality job and a positive customer experience.

Although some effort and training are required, along with practice and discipline to achieve a truly Professional Approach, the results are certainly worthwhile. Your customers will notice a distinct difference between you and your competition. It will set you apart.

How do you develop a Professional Approach?

Let’s begin with punctuality. Every effort should be made to be on time for appointments. This is a great way to start a relationship with a customer. It sets the tone for what is to follow. If you are late and disorganized, the customer may begin to doubt your ability to do a quality job.

Next, Communication. By communicating clearly and in a timely manner with your customer you will build trust. This would include answering and returning phone calls and emails quickly. Checking emails for errors before pushing send. They should know what to expect from you and when to when to expect it. For instance, if you have an appointment set but are running behind and going to be late, a quick, courteous phone call to inform them could prevent your job from being derailed before you even arrive!

Consider carefully the way you dress for work and personal hygiene. Few things can cause a negative reaction to you quicker than poor personal hygiene and messy attire.  Always arrive at a customer’s home as clean and well groomed as possible. Start every day wearing a clean uniform.

The Way You Speak says a lot about you. Choose your words carefully when speaking to a customer. Use proper grammar and avoid using slang. Express yourself clearly, avoid mumbling. Never allow yourself to be disrespectful or to use foul language.  Never argue with a customer. A wise person knows that the only way to win an argument is to avoid one!  Always maintain a calm and professional demeanor, even if your customer doesn’t!

A professional will always have a positive and cooperative attitude with a customer. Use your experience and expertise to guide the homeowner to make quality decisions regarding their job. Offer helpful suggestions that may save them money or improve the outcome of their job. Have an attitude of being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

A professional will clearly understand everything possible about the job they are about to tackle. The size, the scope, tools, and materials required, and the length of time needed to complete.  Therefore, they are completely prepared to begin upon arrival.

A professional knows that tomorrow’s job begins today. So, he will take a few moments to fully understand the job the day before. He will ask questions and clarify details of the job so that he will be prepared tomorrow.  He will calculate the appropriate type and amount of materials for covering up and completing the job. He will consider which tools and equipment he will need to do the job efficiently and safely.

Since a professional knows which tools are required for the work, he should have everything he will need with him. NEVER USE A CUSTOMER’S TOOLS OR EQUIPMENT.  It can be very tempting to walk on a homeowners door mat, use their ladder or water hose because it is convenient. However, they can be damaged, soiled or broken during usage. That will make you look unprepared and unprofessional.  A professional will have the discipline to avoid these types of shortcuts.

Finally, every professional knows that no job is finished until the final cleanup. If he has taken the time to properly cover the work area, then cleanup will be quicker and easier. He will carefully remove plastic and coverings from floors, walls, and furnishings, placing them in a trash container.  He will vacuum and sweep, and mop.  Cleaning his way right out the front door. Leaving the house as clean as it was when he arrived.

A Professional Approach, when practiced consistently, will increase your productivity, and deliver superior customer service. A business built on a Professional Approach will see steady growth and steady profits.

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