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The Value of a Strong Company Culture: Lessons from a Drywall Repair Company

A company‘s culture is defined as a set of beliefs and behaviors that create the personality of an organization. This will include elements like core values and your vision for employees and your company. It can reflect dress code, work hours, employee conduct, training, customer interaction, phone and email etiquette, office hours, and company benefits.

All companies have a culture either by default or by design. Good or bad and written or unwritten, a culture exists in all companies.

As business owners, it is in our best interest to create a positive and supportive environment and a healthy culture. Clearly defining and expressing the company’s standards and expectations to employees will help build a positive culture. One where employees and management are working together with clear and common goals.

A quick thought here about a company’s expectations. Building a culture of high expectations and excellence is critical to a company’s growth.  A company that is executing at a high level and has high morale can be a powerhouse. Companies should always strive to improve and build a positive culture. However, expectations must be both realistic and attainable. Setting goals for yourself and your employees that are unreachable will lead to frustration and erosion of momentum.

A healthy culture will promote a more pleasant workplace for everyone. Happy employees are less stressed, are more productive, and are easier to manage. They will also provide a superior customer service experience.

Employees who feel valued and enjoy their job are likely to stay with the company longer, reducing turnover. Additionally, quality long-term employees also provide a pool of talent within the company that can be promoted and advanced as the company grows.

At Hole in the Wall, we are intentional about building a positive culture. That includes management and employees. Our focus is on cultivating a family feel. From sharing knowledge and experiences, and offering benefits like Paid Time Off and Holiday Pay, to basic medical coverage and a retirement plan. We also provide occasional company meals and always have snacks and drinks available for the crews.

Hole in the Wall has successfully brought a level of professionalism to a trade where it is frequently missing. In our training, we emphasize a professional approach. This is a specific way of behaving with the customer, the work, and coworkers.  It promotes a safe and respectful work environment and ensures that we consistently deliver a superior customer service experience.

We have built systems to show employee appreciation and reward excellence.  We also strive to innovate our equipment and processes, always looking to improve our systems.

Our goal is to create an environment where employees are valued and have a sense of belonging to something important that is bigger than themselves. A place where their ideas and concerns can be heard.

Hole in the Wall believes a positive company culture benefits everyone, management, employees, and most importantly, the customer. A great culture may happen on its own, but it’s far more likely to happen if you are creating one by design.

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